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The 650 | 8th June 2017

View from Hull West: Can an Apprentice winner sink Labour in Alan Johnson’s old seat?

Hull West and Hessle, according to the Guardian profile of Alan Johnson, its former MP, is the “city centre and fishing port of an isolated, rather grim east coast town”.

Things have changed since, not least the departure of Johnson, a titan of Labour’s year in government. His departure the end of an era for Hull politics, with the last of the city’s three biggest postwar parliamentarians all having retired (Hull North stalwart Kevin McNamara stood down in 2005, as did John Prescott in 2010).

With such a gap being left by Johnson’s departure, many opportunists are presenting themselves to fill the void left by the ex-Home Secretary. One stands out: the independent candidacy of ex-Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry. Her campaign seems an exercise in vanity at first glance. Dewberry is front and centre of the campaign, and has been criticised for saying she had “designed” her principles.

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