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The 650 | 27th April 2017

Election 2017: The 50 Labour MPs most at risk of losing their seats

Dozens of Labour MPs are at risk of losing their seats on June 8. Here are the 50 sitting MPs most at risk.

Labour MPs representing marginal seats are at risk of losing their seats should their party’s low polling numbers translate into electoral reality. Here’s a full list of the 50 sitting MPs with the smallest majorities. 

Chris Matheson – City of Chester
Majority: 93 (0.2 per cent of total turnout)
Second place in 2015: Conservatives

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The 650 | 27th April 2017

Election 2017: 30 MPs at risk from a Lib Dem surge

The Lib Dems are hopeful of winning “dozens” of seats on June 8. Here’s a list of the 30 most vulnerable if the party surges.

Buoyed by the 48 per cent’s Brexit backlash, Labour’s disarray, a famous win in Richmond Park and a string of council by-election victories, the Liberal Democrats say they are on course to make “dozens” of gains come June 8.

Its targets can for the most part be divided into two broad categories: the first a disparate clutch of seats held before their 2015 collapse, the second a handful of new targets whose pro-Remain electorates are at odds with Brexiteer MPs.

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